Joanna Burgess

Joanna Burgess
CAMTC #51096

A longtime mind/body and healing arts enthusiast, Joanna left her professional “day job” in 2012 to pursue a career in bodywork studies, and has been practicing in the Bay area for close to four years. Joanna particularly enjoys working with a diverse range of clients. She warmly welcomes individuals of varying ages, body type, physical abilities and gender expression. Her experience includes providing massage for working professionals and everyday athletes, new moms, people living with chronic illness, the disabled (differently-abled!), and those in palliative/hospice care settings.

In her work with you, Joanna draws on various modalities including: traditional flow-oriented Swedish, targeted deep tissue, myofascial release, facilitated stretching, orthopedic massage*, nervous system reeducation through MET (muscle energy technique), and subtle/comfort touch. She will always work together with you to create the session that best meets your specific wellness needs. For example, this might involve an emphasis on athletic/sports-oriented goals or targeted rehabilitative goals, such as healing from injury or chronic pain related to repetitive stress. Or, an experience of stress reduction or trauma healing might be the primary focus. Regardless, every massage is mindful and offers an opportunity for profound relaxation and healing. Joanna’s philosophy is that massage should never progress beyond the “hurts so good” feeling, and that the most effective healing always involves deep relaxation at the level of the nervous system. The defining aspects of Joanna’s massage are her communication with you about your needs and preferences, and the nurturing/rhythmic quality of her touch.

*Elements of orthopedic massage can be incorporated into your session, or you may also be interested in receiving an entire session in the orthopedic style Joanna has trained in, called the Hendrickson Method™. These sessions are given clothed (with no massage oil or lotion). They integrate a unique style of massage called wave mobilization™ that gently rocks the body and mobilizes the joints, together with a neuromuscular reeducation approach using MET (muscle energy technique).

Joanna services Oakland, Alameda, Emeryville, and south Berkeley, and is available to work a wider range upon request.