Susan Barrick
CAMTC #27126

Susan's specialty is customizing massage treatments by blending several techniques into one therapeutic healing and relaxing experience. Enjoy the soothing interconnected strokes of Swedish combined with Shiatsu-style Acupressure to release tension as well as Thai inspired stretching to enhance joint movement. Her background with deeper work on athletes at the SF Bay Club, luxury spa work at the Nob Hill Spa and Kabuki Springs & Spa clearly translate well in the bodywork she brings to her clients.

Susan is known for her professional, intuitive and nurturing touch; firm enough to alleviate sore muscles while providing a deeper level of relaxation. Her intention and philosophy for every massage session is a focus that allows the mind and body to return to its natural state of harmony and balance. She’ll even leave you with helpful tips on how to keep your muscles, (and mind!) in better shape until the next personalized session.